Borrowing information:

Borrowing Periods: All materials are lent for two weeks, except DVDs, blu-ray discs, video games and a few reference books that lend for 3 days.

Renewals: Materials may be renewed twice over the telephone, in-person, or from your account on our website, as long as we do not have another patron waiting to borrow the item.

Extended Loan: Patrons may request an extended loan period (up to 6 weeks for books and 9 days for movies) when they will not be able to renew the materials. Exceptions to extended loans are new items or those on reserve for others.

Reserves: You may reserve materials that are in circulation, and the library will call you when they are available.

Collection Information - Our collection consists of the following materials:

Blu-ray Discs
Books on Audio Cassette & CD
Children's books on CD
Children's Backpacks
Comic Books
Digital Materials
Graphic Novels
Large Print Books
Local History Materials
Music CDs
Online Research Databases
Teacher Kits
Video Games