The library is offering mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for check out. The hotspots provide borrowers with access to the Internet at home or on the go. Each hotspot can connect to 10 devices at a time.

Hotspot Borrowing Policy

  1. The mobile hotspot may only be checked out to Columbiana Public Library patrons who: have a public card, are 18 years of age or older, in good standing with the library, and have a current address and phone number on file.
  2. A valid Columbiana Public Library card and a current photo ID must be presented at the time of checkout.
    a. In the event of religious exemptions, an ID card will be provided to the patron. This ID card
    will be required along with your library card to check out the hotspots.
  3. A limit of one hotspot may be checked out per household.
  4. Hotspots may be borrowed for 7 days with no renewals.
  5. Holds may be placed on hotspots. You will have 2 days to checkout the hotspot before your hold is cancelled. The hold must be picked up by the patron placing the hold unless prior arrangements are made with staff. A hold may not be placed on a hotspot if a member of the same household currently has one checked out or on hold.
  6. Hotspots will not be placed in the lockers.
  7. Overdue hotspots will be charged at $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $10.00.
  8. If the hotspot is not returned by its due date, service to the device will be turned off. If the item is returned within 1-2 days after the due date, the patron is not permitted to check another hotspot out for a calendar week (7 days). If the item is returned 3 or more days after the due date, the patron is not permitted to check another hotspot out for two calendar weeks (14 days). During this time, the patron (or a member from the same household) is not permitted to have a hotspot on hold.
  9. After 5 days of being overdue, there will be an additional $10 service charge added to the borrower’s account.
  10. The patron is responsible for the costs associated with loss or damage to the hotspot and related equipment.
  11. NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the hotspot. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the hotspot.
  12. All users of this service agree to hold the Columbiana Public Library and the service provider harmless from any and all claims, losses, obligations, or liabilities, directly or indirectly relating to the use of the hotspot.
  13. This service can be disrupted or unavailable from time to time due to maintenance, emergencies, inclement weather, or other factors outside the Library’s control.
  14. The library reserves the right to make future modifications to the hotspot circulation policies. You can find a current copy of the policies at the Circulation Desk.