Card & Borrowing Information

Borrowing information:
Borrowing Periods: All materials are lent for two weeks except DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, Hotspots, Video Games and a few reference books that lend for 7 days.

Renewals: Materials may be renewed twice over the telephone, in person, or from your account on our website as long as we do not have another patron waiting to borrow the item. Patrons will not be able to renew an item if it is overdue.

Extended Loan: Patrons may request an extended loan period (up to 6 weeks for books and 9 days for movies) for vacations or other times when they will not be able to renew the materials. Exceptions to extended loans are new items or those on reserve for others.

Reserves: You may reserve materials that are in circulation, and the library will notify you when they are available.

Fine Schedule:

Adult and Young Adult Books, Audio Books, Videos, older DVDs and CDs:
Fines: $.10 / day per title
Maximum Fine: $10.00 per title

Adult and Young Adult Magazines and Paperback Books:
Fines: $.10 / day per title
Maximum Fine: $10.00 per title

All Children’s Department Materials except Videos:
Fines: $.05 / day per title
Maximum Fine: $5.00 per title

Blu-ray Discs, New DVDs and Video Games:
No Rental Fee
Fines: $.10 / day per title
Maximum Fine: $10.00 per title

Fines: $1.00 / day per hotspot
Maximum Fine: $10.00 per hotspot; plus a $10.00 service charge will be added once the item is 5 days overdue

Fines: $5.00 / day per telescope
Maximum Fine: $25.00 per telescope

Library Card Information:

Library Cards: Any resident of Ohio is eligible for a Columbiana Public Library card. Identification showing proof of your current address and your driver’s license are required. The card may be used immediately. Cards from other PLUS libraries may be used here.

The Library offers special card types to help suit our patrons’ needs. Click on a card type below to learn about it.

Lost Cards: Library cards are issued free to all Ohio residents. There is a $1.00 charge for replacing lost cards that have not expired.

PIN Numbers: Patrons may choose a PIN (personal identification number) and use it with their card number to access their records, to reserve materials, and log into some of our online databases.