The Library provides a wide-range of services for children, young adults, and adults.

Other Services:

Accu-Cut Machine

An Accu-Cut machine allows you to quickly cut out letters and shapes using dies at the library. A catalog is available to look at with the various dies the library owns. To use this machine you must have your library card and your own paper.

Accu-Quilt Machine

An Accu-Quilt machine allows you to quickly cut out quilt pieces using dies at the library. A catalog is available to look at with the various dies the library owns. To use this machine you must have your library card and your own fabric.

After-Hour Pickup Lockers

f you are unable to get to the library during business hours, you can pick up your items from our after-hours lockers. Notify us if you need your reserved item, or other materials, in a locker. We will check out the items and place them in a locker for you. You will be able to access the item by entering the last 7 digits of your library card.

Book Covering

Book covering is available to the public at the cost of $2 per book.

Disc Cleaning

We offer a service to clean and repair light scratches on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs to the public. If the discs are here by Wednesday we will have them back to you by Friday afternoon of the same week. We ask you only bring 1 large multi-disc set at a time. The charge is $1.00 a disc.


Columbiana Public Library provides space for displays and/or exhibits of a cultural, educational, civic or recreational nature. The library will make the final decision on the content and arrangement of all displays/exhibits. The library assumes no liability for items, displayed or exhibited. Exhibitors must comply with the dates/times established for setting up and taking down the displays/exhibits.

Drive Thru Book Return

All items, whether book or audiovisual, can be returned in our drive thru book return. The drive thru book return is open 24/7.

Fax Service

We offer fax service to our public. The cost is $.20 per page to receive a fax or $1.00 per page to send a fax.

Geochron Wall Map

A revolving global map that indicates daylight and darkness throughout the world, as well as the time, date, and day of the week.

Golden Buckeye Card

The Ohio Golden Buckeye Card is a card that offers discounts on products and services throughout the state. To qualify, you need to be at least 60 years of age, or over age 18 with a total and permanent disability and unable to work. Application forms are available at the checkout desk of the library. Proof of age or disability are required at registration. For more information on Golden Buckeye Cards, vist their website.

Home-Bound Service

We offer books and audio books on CD to home-bound patrons for a four-week period. No fines are charged for overdues and we will provide delivery within a 5 mile radius if necessary. A library card registration form, a short questionnaire listing reading preferences and delivery information can be sent to the home-bound person by mail or with one of our delivery volunteers. A phone call is all that’s needed to send out OR pick up materials.

Income Tax Forms

Federal, State, and Local Tax Forms are displayed at the reference desk from January through April. Reproducible forms are available in the Reference Department for two years.

Interlibrary Loan Requests

Patrons can request materials from other libraries. Our library resource sharing databases, SearchOhio and OhioLink, can be accessed in the library or from our catalog. You can click the SearchOhio and OhioLink links on our catalog or stop by the library for assistance.

Laminating Machine

The staff will laminate materials for the public. The cost is $.75 per foot or $.50 for items under 6″. Large quantities may need to be left and picked up at a later time.

Microform Reader-Printer

The patron has the ability to view microfilm or microfiche and make a printout of the microform for $.10/page.

Paperback & Puzzle Exchange

We have an ongoing exchange for Paperbacks & Puzzles at the Library. You can bring in paperbacks and/or puzzles to exchange, however, you can only take as many books and/or puzzles as you brought. This is a good way to get a new selection of paperbacks for your home bookshelf or find a new challenging puzzle to work on.


Photocopies are $.10 per copy for Black & White & $.25 per copy for color.

Teacher Kits, Children’s Kits, and Teacher Packs

Teacher Kits, Children’s Kits, and Teacher Packs contain library materials put together on a specific topic used as part of the classroom curriculum. Two kits and/or packs may be checked out at a time. Each one will count as one item on your account. Click for a current list of the kits and pack.

Teacher Card Policy

Because teachers find library materials useful in lesson planning and in the classroom, we offer a special library card for you to check out up to 50 items that could include 2 videos or DVDs and 10 holiday books, for a 6 week period. “Teacher Cards” are issued year round to teachers who would like to use our materials as part of the classroom curriculum. Teachers are responsible for these items and must see that they are kept in good condition and returned on time. The teacher will be charged for lost or damaged items, as well as any fines due after the 6 week due date.

A special card will be issued to teachers and this card must be presented in order to check items out. A Teachers Card is issued to teachers only. Friends and family members cannot check out materials with this card. Items checked out on a Teachers Card can be renewed one time for a fourteen day period. Items excluded from Teacher Card check outs are: new DVDs and video games.


An electric typewriter with correction ribbon is available for public use. There is no charge to use it. Paper is not supplied.

Voter Registration Form

Voter registration forms are available at the circulation desk. The patron is responsible for filling out the form and mailing it to the Board of Elections. Remember there is a filing deadline before each election.